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Google News
   4,500 news sources updated continuously.

Mostly fun
Baby Name-O-Meter
   What's hot, what's not: most popular names since 1880. 
Belief-O-Matic []
   Compare your beliefs to world religions: serious fun.
FlipFlopFlyin' []
   Pixels in action: funny, charming, observant.
NewZoid [] 
   World's only automatic generator of unreal news headlines.
   (submitted by
Ze's Page []
  Humor, insight, visual delights, dancing lessons from a Flash wizard.

Watch, listen, explore
America's Tragedy as seen by the World []/
   Pictures say it all.
Book of TYPOBEAT []
   Reactive typographics, dancing letters: marvelous.
Cantor Families []
   Family and friends remember loved ones lost on Sept. 11.
Cartier [] 
   Very elegant. I'd give up TV to watch this site. 
   (submitted by MaryAnn Aue)
Exhibit 13
   Spare, elegant, overwhelmingly human; from Blue Man Group.
Fray [] 
   Interactive storytelling: great reading, gorgeous site.
Internet Archive Wayback Machine []
  Favorite sites as they were: pick URL & year.
JournalE []
  Digital photojournalism: the best of old + new media
Kaliber10000 []
   World-beat web design: Quirky, impractical, imaginative, fresh.
Milton Glaser []
   A visual and intellectual feast from a master of design.
   (submitted by
Saul Bass on the Web []
   Online tribute to one of the world's greatest designers.
Swiss Poster Collection
Influential designs from 1971 to present, organized and searchable.
This American Life []
   The lost art of storytelling, found.
   (submitted by Wally Rehm)
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries []
   Flash-powered food for thought: minimalist monologues.
xBlog: The Visual Thinking Weblog []
   Wide-ranging & useful links & comments.

Good to know
Ad Slogans Unlimited []
   Free advice about creating effective names and taglines
MySimon []
   Comparison shop for nearly anything: fast, easy, comprehensive.
Pricegrabber []
   The bottom line cost, including shipping, on tons of products.
The Hunger Site []
   Give food to a hungry world with a mouseclick.
Urban Legends Reference []
   Don't forward that scarey email until you check here.

Web design & construction
A List Apart: For people who make websites []
   Discusses the Web, from the Big Picture to the nitty-gritty. []
   A free search engine for your site - works great.
Boxes and Arrows []
   Thoughtful discussion about bringing order to the digital landscape.
Cool Home Pages []
   Lots of examples, divided by category.
Hotwired RGB Gallery []
    Tasty multimedia samples: HTML, Java, DHTML, Flash; tutorials, too.
Jakob Nielsen's Use-It []
   Designers take heed! Learn how people REALLY use the Web.
Web Design for Designers []
   Good advice, tips, lots on design, a little technique.
Webmonkey for Kids 
   Grownups too! Learn about the Web & have fun.
Webpages That Suck []
   Learn from other peoples' mistakes (before you make them too!)
Zeldman's Daily Report []
Web news, Web gossip, Astounding sites, free stuff - daily!

Emigre TypeTease [] 
   Test-drive fonts from a leader in modern typography.
EyeWire Type Viewer [] 
   Your words, their fonts: try before you buy.
Font Search Engine [ ]
   Find what you want by name, style, foundry, designer, more.
MyFonts []
Search, browse, try, buy: the ultimate type/font source.

Search engines with funny names
Ask Jeeves [] 
   Ask him anything-some answers are better than your question!
Dogpile [] 
   Fetches answers from many sources; fast, friendly, obedient.
Google []
   Really simple, really fast, really useful search engine.

Software tutorials
Adobe []
   Great tips & techniques for using Photoshop & other software.
Director Online []
Director & Flash techniques, features, demos, worldwide job listings, too!
DirectorWeb []
   The Director Mothership: your questions answered, and more.
Making Your Movie
   Simple, painless — and very useful — guide to telling your story.

National Archives []
   Documents & images tell America's story, most copyright free.
Octavo: Digital Rare Books []
   Strange bedfellows: the oldest books via the newest technology.

Education & learning
AIGA Advance for Design []
   Moving graphic design into the world of experience design.
KSUCDA Summer Workshops []
   Topical, enjoyable, changed my life in 1994.
Sensebox [] 
   Links to design schools around the world.

Amazon [] 
   Books & more: e-commerce done the right way.
Apple Computer [] 
   Fast, good-looking, interesting: the site & the computers.