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I  N  T  E  R  A  C  T  I  V  E    D  E  S  I  G  N    F  O  R  U  M 
Issue 3   |   Sept. 1999 
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Response to Upgrade Junkies, Pt. 1

Yes, when you deal with a technology based medium... you're sort of forced to keep up with the technology. If you think that this has made you a "techno-junkie," I know of several "twelve step programs" which you may consider.

Personally, if this fact of the emerging digital media... or is that new media (what are we calling it this week?) has you too concerned, you need to get out more. I spend a lot of time complaining about the weather, but I don't seem to effectively change anything.

It is the reality that those that dedicate their brains to evolving the software want to get paid for it, and then their handlers and marketers all want their cut... and when it gets down to us "users" it's a big expense. But I can't begrudge those folks for establishing a price for their skills, because I do it every day. Oh yes, some of them complain about our price/value ratio also.

There is the theory that it may be lots of bucks for us, but it's not a big deal for GM or Disney. And the new software makes their people more efficient or maybe they don't have to be as clever. GM and Disney can then hire functional idiots, but these people who get hired don't realize they are idiots because they were hired by GM and Disney and they should know better. These same idiots then steal the software for their personal use. Since they have a lot more time with these new efficiencies, they start their own business on the side and underbid us on the next project. These idiots finally get bored with corporate life and quite because they've heard of the impending department cutbacks and such talented idoits shouldn't have to work under such pressure. After quitting their jobs they discover the true cost of software update and health care and therefore feel this crisis needs government intervention. I do not believe in this theory, and suspect it is part of a right wing conspiracy. You'll have to ask Hillary about the specifics.

It does seem strange, however, that there are only two industries that I know of which refer to their customers as "users". Which brings us to another analogy, if the government pays for all prescriptions and therefore controls the price, there is less motivation for pharmaceutical manufactures to develop new drugs faster... which is fine of course, unless the drug is going to save your life. If today prescriptions... can software be that far behind. Speaking of life changing experiences, did the new software positively effect your self-perception. If it has, then you got a deal. If it has not, then that must be in the next update.

I believe we live in time, space and culture. Fortunately or unfortunately... the first of the three has been radically modified in our lifetime. I suspect it is effecting the other two. We are probably the first generation with the unique ability/privilege of being able to change our space (geographic location) to where the traditional understanding of time has not been as radically changed. But you must pay the price in a bunch of other ways.

So my advice: chill, dude.

Regards, Dave

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