Graffiti seen from train


Speeding by on the train to Lauterbrunnen I was surprised to see graffiti...this was after all, neat & tidy Switzerland.

The style was colorful & complex, similar to what I'm used to seeing riding the train to the airport in Cleveland.

It wasn't til I saw the picture above that I noticed the sign on the building. "Nachtwerk," in my nearly-forgotten high school German translates to "Night Work," a particularly appropriate name for this example of indigenous art done under cover of darkness.

Later, in Barcelona, I was amazed at how dull & unimaginative the graffiti there seemed, leading to my new theory of graffiti aesthetics: surroundings dominated by mostly drab & unimaginative industrial/commercial buildings breed a graffiti style that's colorful & flamboyant. On the other hand, a city like Barcelona, filled with wildly imaginative architecture (by Gaudi and others), unafraid to place contemporary sculpture in the midst centuries-old buildings, develops a plainer, industrial-looking graffiti style.

OK, it's just a theory. Look around. See what you think.


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