It's not about objects! (design experiences instead)
I  N  T  E  R  A  C  T  I  V  E    D  E  S  I  G  N    F  O  R  U  M 
Issue 8    |   February 2000 (updated 8/00)




It's always good to find others who share your views, even better when they articulate ideas that are still running around bumping into each other in your own head. So when I read the paper that Meredith Davis wrote, I felt like shouting "Finally! Someone's put it together!"

Instead, here are the highlights; I encourage you to read the full text.

Designing experiences, not objects.
The article excerpted below was written by Meredith Davis, North Carolina State University, originally posted to the AIGA-Advance bulletin board.  [Read full text]   [About AIGA-Advance]

The historic focus of most design education has been on objects and the skills necessary to produce them...

"Object and designer centeredness" is a natural outgrowth of graphic and product design programs in American Colleges and universities...

This strategy for teaching design has been applied more recently to... courses in computer multimedia, interface, and interaction design. The focus of teaching and learning frequently is on the invention of form and mastery of technical skills.

In July 1999, leading interaction designers met and concluded... that design is increasingly less about creating objects and more about creating experiences, and that this experiential nature of interactive communication and products will only accelerate...

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