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Issue 10   |   April 2000  


Macintosh Myopia  (original article)

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Does your school suffer from Mac myopia?
or is it overly PC?

If you teach design at the post-secondary level, please answer the 4 questions and add your comments at the bottom. Click on "Submit" when ready to send.  

Do you teach at a:

College/university (4 or 5 yr. program)
Community/junior college (2 yr. program)
Art school (4 or 5 yr. program)

Other (describe):

Program title/description:

Graphic Design/Visual Communication
Interactive/New Media/Web Design
Other (describe)

Number of computers in lab(s)

101 or more

Percentage that are Macs (make your best estimate - this isn't scientific):

About 75%
About 50%
About 25%

Please add your comments:

Your name:
Email address:
Name of school:

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