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Issue 14   |   September 2000  

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So you wanna build a (better) website...
There's no shortage of authors, teachers, organizations and businesses who are ready to help. In fact, there are enough websites and books to make your head spin.

To find websites,
go to your favorite search engine (mine is, type "Web design tutorials" or something like that, and take your pick. There's even a website devoted to finding online tutorials: If you need tutorials in a language other than English, try Babelfish for translation.
To find books,
connect to your online bookseller of choice and search for "Web design" or similar (I use because they offer very helpful readers' reviews).


Learn HTML/web construction online:

  Good tutorials, but better yet, try
Webmonkey for Kids(Hey, this can be fun! We'll get serious later.)
   Part of the C|NET empire, start with HTML for Beginners tutorials and go as far as you want.

HTML School
  Comprehensive and clearly organized, but the real beauty of this site is the interactive editor that uses a split-screen format to let you work on the HTML and immediately see the results. Say you want to use frames to create a left-hand navigation column...

CD-ROM tutorial videos:

WebSavant is a 4-CD set of narrated step-by-step movies showing what's happening on-screen as your personal tutor builds a website. Starts with simple HTML and progresses through more complex topics including audio/video, JavaScript, CGI and Flash.
  [read our review]  [visit WebSavant website]


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