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Issue 14   |   September 2000  

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Additions and improvements to your website...

Counters: You'll probably want one of those odometer-like gizmos that shows how many visitors have been to your site. You can learn a lot about who your audience is by choosing the right counter. And it won't cost you a penny!

We tried a bunch, and found the free service provided by to be the best. You get detailed statistics for your site, and can check their global statistics (from hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly) to keep tabs on what's happening on the Web overall.
[read our article]   [visit TheCounter website]

Link-checking: Dead links are one of the most frustrating aspects of surfing the web. Make sure your site has up-to-date, working links by scheduling automated check-ups every couple of weeks.

Net Mechanic is a terrific service that performs regular link-checks as often as you wish, plus checks download times, spelling, HTML, and browser compatibility. Free for 20 pages, variable fee for larger sites. A good investment.
[read our review]   [visit NetMechanic website]

Search engine: Even if your site navigation is extremely clear, it may be hard for visitors to find exactly what they want. Help them out by providing an easy way to search your site.

The Atomz search engine is fast, good and free. You can customize it to match the look of your site, and there are no ad banners or obnoxious graphics added when search results are returned. Hard to beat, and the price is right.
[try it here: type a word or phrase below, click "search"]
[visit Atomz website]


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