Trade magazines
I  N  T  E  R  A  C  T  I  V  E    D  E  S  I  G  N    F  O  R  U  M 
Issue 5    |   November 1999 

Free, timely, topical: trade publications

In this case, the old saying "you get what you pay for" is wrong. Every industry has a variety of trade magazines that offer free subscriptions to anyone who meets their criteria (you're professionally involved in the business and you spend money on its products & services). Most of these publications offer lots of information at a price that can't be beat.

My current digital/new media favorites are AV Video Multimedia Producer, DV (Digital Video) and New Media. My REAL favorite, Interactivity, isn't around anymore, apparently because it couldn't sell enough ad space.

Ad space is, of course, the name of the game. Lots and lots of ads are the reason why you get the publication for free.

Yet sandwiched between the ads you'll find good stuff: no-nonsense reviews of hardware and software, announcements of new products and innovations in the marketplace, and how-to tips from experts ranging from audio engineers to Photoshop wizards.

Most publications have an online version that includes the text from the dead-tree version plus electronic files available only online:

AV Video Multimedia Producer []
DV:Digital Video []

NewMedia []

The current issue is usually searchable, and even more useful is the ability to search back issues in the archives (maybe I can throw out those boxes of old magazines now).

Visit the website and if you like what you see, sign up online for a subscription. Your mailbox will never be empty again.



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