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  updated 12/12/00  

new! LOOP online journal
Quick review: beautiful design, hot topics, knowledgeable contributors (Meredith Davis, Hugh Dubberly, Steven Heller). A bit pedantic for my blood, but well worth a visit. Loop is co-sponsored by AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts and Viginia Commonwealth University's Center for Design.

Learn to build a website
We spill the beans on the best tutorials, books and tools to help you create and improve your website. (Reviewed 9/00)

Learning Director
How you can learn more about Macromedia Director, including a good book and several helpful websites.
(Reviewed 7/00)

Interface Culture, by Steven Johnson. (Reviewed 6/00)
Where computer-based interactive design and technology is headed...the artform of the next century?

Free website tuneup,
Checks download speed, HTML, spelling, broken links. Not the only service of its kind, but a darn good one.
(Reviewed 4/00)

On Web Design,
Whet your appetite for web design with lots of ideas to chew on and gourmet links to sample. May leave you a bit hungry, though. (Reviewed 3/00)

Designing Web Usability, by Jakob Nielsen.
A much-needed antidote to the tidal wave of books describing "killer" sites and "cool" design. (Reviewed 2/00)

CD-ROM = Artist's book?
The Internet dominates our thinking right now, but the "old" CD-ROM technology delivers a richer experience. Good CD-ROMs, where to buy them. (reviewed 1/99)

The best web counter
A hit counter can help you design and market your site. We found a good free one and tell you how to use what you'll learn from it. (reviewed 12/99)

Trade magazines
Free publications that keep you informed on the latest products and techniques in the digital/multi/newmedia industry.
(reviewed 11/99)

Photoshop 5.5 vs. Fireworks 2
Adobe does it again, catching up to (and maybe passing) Macromedia in preparing graphics for web use. (reviewed 10/99)

WebSavant, 4-CD set, Savant Interactive, Inc.
Learn Web construction at your own place, at your own pace. (reviewed 9/99)

The Interactive Book, by Celia Pearce.
A book that explains, but more importantly, inspires. (reviewed 7/99)


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