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Issue 16   |   October 2000   |   Updated 10-10-00

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Flash's back... 
Flash, Macromedia's popular web animation software, has been the subject of a number of announcements we've been getting recently. I'll give you a more thorough review of a couple of websites in the coming weeks, but for now I'd like to recommend an excellent Flash vs. Director comparison by Krister Olssen of Webmonkey.

Students in my Director class often ask the same question, so here's my quick summary:

If you are creating animation for the web (or want to get a job doing it) learn and use Flash. Because it's vector-based, animations look great and download fast.

If you want to create rich interactive content for delivery via CD-ROM, kiosk or stand-alone computer, Director gives you great freedom to mix images, audio, video, and all sorts of user-driven interaction with its relatively easy to learn programming language, Lingo.

There are many other factors to consider, of course, and the Webmonkey article does a good job.

Giving it away
No response to last month's article asking design educators to send samples of their syllabi or course material to add to our popular [EDUCATION] section. Maybe this is an idea whose time hasn't come?

This month's banner graphic
It's night, it's neon, it's just off Times Square in NYC a few years ago, before Disney cleaned it all up.

I'm not sure if this adult bookstore/porn shop, billing itself as "The Only Visual Interactive Experience In Town" is still there. If it's gone, the walk down the street will be a bit less intimidating for some, and New York will be a bit more like Main Street USA. As cities everywhere scramble to be "tourist-friendly" by offering the same set of familiar, logo-splashed experiences the unique texture of the city disappears.

For more impressions of New York, see New York Minute.

If you pay close attention you may have noticed that our monthly updates are happening later & later in the month. As we get further into the Fall semester at school my schedule gets more crowded with meetings, grading projects, and keeping ahead of students who want to learn more & faster. My plan is to use the Thanksgiving break in November to get the December update out on time. We'll see. Please be patient, I'm typing as fast as I can.

                                                              - Al Wasco 10/10/00


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