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Issue 3   |    September 1999 


Upgrade junkies,
Part 1.

(Aug. 1999)

Report from International Design Conference at Aspen
(July 1999)

"Interactive Design" or "New Media?"
(July 1999)


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This month's issue...

of Interactive Design Forum features a bit less new material than I'd like because I spent two weeks in August hiking, riding cable cars, funiculars (those funny inclined railways), trains in Switzerland and subways in Barcelona. Over the next couple of months I'll be sharing impressions of this trip via photos and sound.

The first snapshot from Switzerland is Swiss Design Quiz: Graphic Design or Gratuitous Graffiti? [Take the quiz now!]

Part 2 of Upgrade Junkies will appear next month. If you're a designer or design educator, I need your input: Have we fallen for the computer industry's "newer, faster, better" sales pitch hook, line and sinker? Read Part 1, then send me your comments.

One response received maintains that "when you deal with a technology-based medium, you're sort of forced to keep up with the technology. If this fact...has you too concerned, you need to get out more often. Chill, dude." [Read complete text here]

The AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) have jointly issued the first of a series of white papers on design education and new technologies, including one which touches on the software upgrade issue.

[Read excerpts from "Technology Thresholds in Graphic Design Programs" here]
We're looking forward to the AIGA/NASAD white paper on Interaction Design (coming soon).

- Al Wasco 8/26/99


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