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Dreamweaver 4 review
Photoshop vs. Fireworks

Learning Director

Learning Director
CD-ROM = Artist's book
Interface Culture

Experience Design 1, Nathan Shedroff.
Lots of graphics and dense type can be a bit hard to take at times, but the ideas, recommendations and references are well worth the effort. An inspiration for anyone involved in design of on-screen experiences (July '03)

Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design, Eric Meyer.
Hands-on, project based introduction to using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Highly recommended. (May '03)

Quick Reviews:
The Digital Designer: 101 Graphic Design Projects for Print, the Web, Multimedia and Motion Graphics, Stephen Pite. Multimedia Literacy, Third Edition, Fred T. Hofstetter. (Nov. '02)

The Education of an E-Designer, edited by Steven Heller.
Articles and essays about the future of design and design education from a wide range of perspectives. (Oct.'01)

Evolving Traditions: Artists Working in New Media. Documentary video by Seth Thompson. A fast-paced overview of the recent computer-related interactive art, with a glimpse of its future. Highly recommended. (Mar.'02)

Understanding & using color
Websites and books that explain color theory and help you put it into practice — on the web and in print. (Mar.'01)

LOOP online journal
Beautiful design, hot topics, knowledgeable contributors (Meredith Davis, Hugh Dubberly, Steven Heller). A bit pedantic for my blood, but well worth a visit. Loop is co-sponsored by AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts and Virginia Commonwealth University's Center for Design. (Dec.'00) [LOOP website]

Interface Culture, book by Steven Johnson.
Where computer-based interactive design and technology is headed...the artform of the next century? (June'00)

Designing Web Usability, book by Jakob Nielsen.
A much-needed antidote to the tidal wave of books describing "killer" sites and "cool" design. (Feb.'00) 

On Web Design
Val Casey's site will whet your appetite for web design with lots of ideas to chew on and gourmet links to sample. (Mar'00)

CD-ROM = Artist's book?
The Internet dominates our thinking right now, but the "old" CD-ROM technology delivers a richer experience. Good CD-ROMs, where to buy them. (Jan.'00)

Trade magazines
Free publications keep you informed on the latest products and techniques in the digital/multi/newmedia industry. (Nov.'99)

The Interactive Book, by Celia Pearce.
A book that explains, but more importantly, inspires. Don't settle for ATM-style interaction. (July'99)

How to build a website
We spill the beans on the best tutorials, books and tools to help you create and improve your website. (Sept.'00)

Free website tuneup
NetMechanic checks download speed, HTML, spelling, broken links. Not the only service of its kind, but a darn good one. (April'00)

The best web counter
A hit counter can help you design and market your site. We found a good free one and tell you how to use it to improve your site. (Dec.'99)

WebSavant, 4-CD set, Savant Interactive, Inc.
Learn Web construction at your own pace, at your own place. (Sept.'99)

SOFTWARE Dreamweaver 4
Review of Macromedia's popular web layout software, with a list of favorite features and comparisons to Adobe GoLive. (Dec.'01)

New Masters of Flash, book and CD-ROM by Tomasz Jankowski and others.
Interviews with Flash designers and artists; tutorials and how-to articles on some of their techniques. (June'01)

Learning Director
How you can learn more about Macromedia Director, including a good book and several helpful websites. (July'00, rev. 11/01) 

Photoshop 5.5 vs. Fireworks 2
Adobe does it again, catching up to (and maybe passing) Macromedia in preparing graphics for web use. (Oct.'99)


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