Columbus Day Parade in Cleveland's Little Italy

Little Italy takes on an especially festive Italian feel for the annual Columbus Day Parade.

West Side Market butcher shop in 1945

Courtesy of Cleveland Memory Project/CSU

Change the clothing, and this 1945 West Side Market scene would look much as the market does today.

Don't just go out for food

Experience what is

Distinctively Cleveland

Cleveland has a long history and deep traditions.

Branch out into different neighborhoods to discover some of what makes Cleveland special.

These places aren't fancy and expensive. But they do have character. They have history. They have loyal customers.

Together, they have nearly 400 years of tradition.

Corbo's Bakery
Part of what makes the Little Italy neighborhood special
Gust Gallucci Co.
A grocery store and take-out diner nearing its 100th anniversary
Slyman's Restaurant
Customers say this place has the biggest and best corned-beef sandwiches in town
Sokolowsksi's University Inn
Kraut, pierogies and salisbury steak served cafeteria style, and historical photos aplenty
West Side Market
Beautiful century-old building houses old-style vendors and ethnic foods in a bustling market