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2-[Web design]

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-[Smackdown game]
3-[Web design]

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1-[Web design]

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1-[Web design]

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[Web design]

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2-[Web design]

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3-[Poll: Using Flash]

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2-[Poll: Web design software]
3-[Experience Design curriculum]

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[Best of]
3-[Trade Mags]

DEC. '99
1-[Best of]
3-NY Minute

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1-[Teaching computer-based media]
3-[Best of]

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1-[Best of]
2-[Evaluating student work]
3-[Photoshop vs. Fireworks]

SEPT. '99
1-[Best of]
3-[Swiss Design Quiz]


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from new email subscribers

Fantastic resource ! Good job !

You make good use of cyber space :o)

hey Al, thanks! for your passion and perseverance.

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on "Macintosh Myopia"
I have it and I'm proud and here's why. It's a generally known fact in the computer world that Windows/PC did not win because it was the better system. In fact, in case no-one noticed, Microsoft has just been found guilty in one of the biggest antitrust suits of all time of illegal and monopolistic business practices.
I am not a wide-eyed bushy-tailed computer novice. I used my first computer in 1983. It was a DOS computer and it expected me to be an engineer. I hated it, but was forced to use it. Then I discovered Macintosh, a machine that was designed for normal people...
-Celia Pearce

--> [read full text and many other comments]

Starting an interactive project
The book you recommended [Interactivity by Design, by Ray Kristof & Amy Satran] has proven to be extremely helpful to me. I started out thinking how the final product should look, but I realize design is more than that. It's understanding the information, organizing it, and in this type of interactive project giving the user a sense of place and how to move through the information. This comes before the look. I now have a better understanding of the project as a whole, and am off to a good start, plus I'm really enjoying it! Thanks.
Blanca Martinez

More on Mexican cemetery photos
f you want to learn more about that Mexican tradition, try to get information on "dia de muertos" Mexican tradition and its meaning has something to do with the old ancient European traditions from the dark ages about dead celebration, in U.S. people know it as Halloween. For further information try to search in (National Institute of Anthropology and History)
Daniel Alvarado M. (mexico)

CoolStop logoIt's official
Your site, Interactive Design Forum, has been chosen to receive the CoolSTOP Best of the Cool Award on 12/15/99. Your pages stand out because of great graphic design, creativity, easy navigation, and original, entertaining content... I am pleased to list your site as one of the Best of the Cool.
-Joe Jenett,

-->We appreciate the recognition. The CoolSTOP site is well worth a look.

Get innovative
I am a New Media Interface designer from India. I very much agree with the fact that New Media has a huge indefinable potential to overpower all of the existing mediums in the years to come. What makes it so different & interesting is that it is very interactive...the word "interactive" is unexplored...It is largely dependent on the interface designers to get more innovative.
-Devi Krishnamurthy

About the Celia Pearce quote on getting emotional power into the interactive experience --- I am struggling to imagine how to do this in a medium that does not dictate narrative flow. Humans seem to be hardwired to respond to stories.
-David Beach

Hey, I saw your site, and I think its cool. It really has a nice feel to it. Interactive not only in structure but style as well. It inspires me to make my own web site. -Ben Graham

"New" media?
New Media IMPLIES more than it currently achieves, in part because people still exist with their interpretations of media through old technologies. However the "intersection zone" is really ground zero for an implosion, a convergent technology/media to be determined. Sometimes you can see hints of things to come in progressive/experimental interface/conceptualizations (John Maeda comes to mind as one example). But the day-to-day work in the field is much less cutting edge. Web site navigation is merely a definition of an indexing system. Streaming media is generally modeled on its predecessors in broadcast media. Whether content has a linear, branching or random structure, whether content is static, personalized, or dynamically generated, it is still very much modeled on old systems of interpretation.   -John Chastain

-->John Maeda's Reactive Books are wonderful.

About that Swiss graffiti...
On my canoe trips in MN and Canada, I often stop to view Indian pictographs. These drawings have become wilderness canoe-tourist sites. I really had to chuckle when I heard a guide describe them as 200 year-old graffiti.   -Jim Brown

More Web stuff!
I want more about web design info.  -zeng
  --> See [RESOURCES] and [BEST OF] for listings.

Great idea!
The Forum is a great idea and an asset to web locations. I know it will be a popular site once you have time to circulate it... What would bring me back? At this point--the valuable links are pretty special. Also, I would come back to hear your viewpoints (and others) as to what is worth pushing for using/doing interactive work in order for it to develop into a new way of communicating. Why bother unless it all allows us to take communication to a new level that is meaningful and entertaining?  -June C.

i just started logging and reading your website...fabulous stuff! i would like to print it out and read read read read...wonderful thought-provoking information! i made it a bookmark immediately!  -Jing L.

Your experience in Aspen is also my concern... must all 52 year olds sit in one room and all 23 year olds in another? I hope not. Are we so hung up in our personal perceptions that we are threatened by people that don't act, think or look like us? Oh to get through one more mid-life crisis.  -David W

I thought your ideas are really cool I did not get a chance to check out the whole site but the body/with the computer inside is very smart. I think it would be cool to convert an old TV say one of the first TV's, into the same kind of tool. -Kristy E.


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