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Happy holidays from Interactive Design Forum! I N T E R A C T I V E    D  E  S  I  G  N    F O R U M
WARNING: We will prosecute! = No room at the inn, 2000.
Issue 18  |  December 2000 Stay tuned for our new look: January 2001

Slow but sure:
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Labcam goes on (and off) line... Open Source EDU...
[Nov. 2000]

Flash reviewed... Times Square... Education...

[Oct. 2000]

School's in... Smackdown scores... give it away...
[Sept. 2000]

Lust objects... usability Nazis...
Mac vs. Windows Smackdown...
[Aug. 2000]

New magazines... Fireworks revisited... Director doomed?
[July 2000]

Cancer on the Web?... Barcelona... New CD-ROMs
[June 2000]

Kent State remembered... AIGA-Advance... Interactive Indiana...
[May 2000]

myopia... Lab survey... Student web projects...
[Apr. 2000]

Is Flash the answer?... Mexican graffiti...
[Mar. 2000]

Web usability... Mexican graveyards... Online Valentines...
[Feb. 2000]

Yahoo! yes... CoolSpot cool... CD-ROM = artists' books?...
[Jan. 2000]

A pretty face... Goodbye, AOL... Better critiques...
[Dec. 1999]

Web counters ... Teaching computer- based media ...
[Nov. 1999]

Better critiques... Photoshop 5.5 vs. Fireworks 2
[Oct. 1999]

Swiss Design Quiz... Barcelona... AIGA / NASAD technology white paper...
[Sept. 1999]

Upgrade Junkies [Aug. 1999]

Why NOT "New Media?"... Report from Aspen
[July 1999]


Open Source EDU
newest addition: Interactive Graphic Design projects... [more]

Macintosh Myopia
comments and survey results...

Read Macintosh Myopia and take our survey.

Design competitions, call for papers, and announcements.

Experience Design curriculum: learn about relationships, not just form.

New Media on the Web: course material online.

Want better in-class critiques? Try our 5 tips.

CAA report says you may deserve more time & money if you teach computer-based media.

Get greater student involvement with a Type 2 critique.

AIGA/NASAD report discusses Graphic Design education & technology.


Introduction to Interactive Design (course description, 7/99)

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Build and/or improve your website: the best books, tutorials, and tools.

Interface as
art: Steven Johnson's Interface Culture reviewed

Web design ideas to chew on & sample.

Great multimedia on CD-ROM, the electronic artist's book.

The best web hit counter:a free one that does it all.

Trade magazines: 
Good information, and it's free.

An upgrade that web designers don't want to be without: Photoshop 5.5.

Learn to build a website with a 4 CD-ROM set from WebSavant

Be inspired by
The Interactive Book, by Celia Pearce.



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Debunk before forwarding: email "urban legends"...

Daily harvest of web images & ideas...

Multimedia magazine shows how it ought to be done ...

On-line answers for Director and Flash designers...

Web-based comparison shopping...

Hotwired's Gallery of multimedia samples....

Octavo brings Bodoni to your desktop...

Click your mouse to feed hungry people...

Great stories from NPR...

Images from America's past in the National Archives...

Free search engine for your site...

Preview typefaces online...

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